Warwick Castle

A thrilling show at Warwick Castle is telling the story of the 32-year Wars of the Roses in just 32 minutes!
The Houses of Lancaster and York clash in a medieval-style arena with a 2,000 capacity, which opened for the first time on Saturday.
The Wars Of The Roses Live is Warwick Castle’s most ambitious and exciting jousting show ever, with stunt riding, sword fighting, flying fists and special effects.
On entering the arena, visitors are asked to pick a side – will you take your place in the White Rose stand or (if you know your history!) the Red Rose stand.
Two quarrelling knights build a football-style atmosphere, the scene is set by the future Henry VII, and then fearless jousters take to the stage.
The jaw-dropping horseback action is played out to the sound of splintering lances and thundering hooves – and we’re all very, very close to the action.
There’s Roman riding (standing atop a pair of horses) and out of the saddle tricks as the heroism of the 15th century jousters knows no bounds.
Among them is one woman, who portrays Margaret of Anjou, wife of Henry VI, who owing to her husband’s insanity, ruled the kingdom in his place.
War of the Roses show at Warwick Castle May 27 2017
War of the Roses show at Warwick Castle
There’s a good mix of history and action, although some parents may feel a little uncomfortable at times – Richard III’s death is quite brutal.
​Indeed, i​​t was all a far cry from My Little Pony but, nevertheless, my six-year-old daughter was left open-mouthed from start to finish.
And what really made her day was meeting the characters after the show, including Margaret of Anjou, her new heroine!​
​Wars Of The Roses Live takes place twice a day all this week and then from Saturday, July 22 to Sunday, September 3.
And best of all, it’s included in the price of admission.
My advice is to start queuing early if you want to stand in the centre of the arena, but there is action its whole length so there isn’t a bad spot.
The show was the highlight of a great day in which we also climbed the towers and ramparts and then conquered the Horrible Histories Maze.
Plus, we attended a Royal party in private apartments and helped break the curse of a sorcerer who had imprisoned Guy of Warwick in a painting.
There’s so much to do you might want to consider staying overnight in the medieval-themed Knight’s Village or even inside one of the towers.
Discover more here
.The Knights’ Village at Warwick Castle

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